Me in 2007

A Retrospective

It’s interesting to look back on the last five years of my life, and see what has changed. Five years ago I was 21 and in university. I was still living with my parents; I wouldn’t move into the townhouse with two roommates for another seven months. I was selling DVDs for the On Piracy documentary, Rice Tea was in the form of this script idea for a movie called H4CK3R5, and Docks was in pre-production.

My first con was only the summer before, where I had gone to New York City to give a talk with Jason Scott. Not long after, I went overseas for my first time to visit my sister in the UK. I paid for my tuition by being a tour guide, and later, by being the guy who drove the tour boats up and down the canal. I would also get a job working at Starbucks.

I was single, and firmly of the belief that I was straight. I had two main interests: computer security and foreign affairs. I read everything I could on the latest exploits, attended 2600 meetings religiously, and was so proud of myself when I found a security flaw with the university website.

I didn’t read anything of substance on the side, other than PC Gamer magazines and mangas. I had caught the book reading bug, but the heavy demands of university killed it. I wouldn’t get it again for another few years.

Fast forward to where I am now. I graduated from university and got my first career job. I discovered I wasn’t straight. I found a wonderful man who I’ve now been with for some two years. I’ve been to a few more cons, did a few road trips including a gargantuan one, went to Argentina, France, the UK, and South Africa.

My creative projects have shifted from film to software, with a few larger projects such as solaire and korgi. My interest in computer security still persists, but level of devotion to it has not. I took a liking to the question of LGBT rights and cooking. My love of foreign affairs continues, and I’m currently reading Dancing in the Glory of Monsters which is about one of the world’s deadliest wars in the Congo.

Life is good. I’d like it more if I could be as productive with regards to my creative endeavours as I was in those university years, but I’m not complaining. And then there’s you guys, my friends and family. You’re as awesome now as you’ve always been. Life would be empty if it weren’t for the others that are a part of it, so I’m thankful for the wonderful times I’ve had cooking with you, going out with you, catching up with you at cons, and just shooting the shit.

To another five years.